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Every church ought to have a Facebook page. If your church doesn’t go here to find out how to get one started. A Facebook page is an essential tool to helping you reach your Jerusalem and for keeping your members informed of what’s going on. If you need convincing, here are 3 reasons to have the Facebook page:


1. Announce Events

The page is a great way to keep members and non-members informed of what’s going on at your church. Instead of just making your announcements on Sundays you can now make your announcements more frequently and more timely than ever before. How much better is it to announce your event the day before than 5 or 6 days before? How much better is it to announce it 3 times vs 1 time? Use a Facebook page to supplement the promotion of events at church.


2. Build Reputation

One of the great things a page does is let you connect with non-members, the lost, the unchurched, etc. If you get them to “like” your page they will see your announcements and promotions in their home feed and will know a lot about your church even though they may never have been. They can see the things you do for families, youth, children, etc before they attend. You can use the page to build the reputation of your church and reach out to people you would never have the opportunity to otherwise.


3. Interact

When you start posting on your page people will start commenting and asking questions. It is a great way for you to have interaction with people you might not otherwise have interaction with. You will get to add value to the lives of people you might not otherwise get the opportunity to. When you see a comment or a question don’t view it as a nuisance but view it as an opportunity to interact.


If you don’t have a Facebook page for your church … go start one now and you’ll start reaping the benefits almost immediately!




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