4 Ways for the Pastor to get on the Digital train

Pastors can be slow adopters to change. We love to tell our congregations they need to change, but we don’t like it! There are a lot of guys who are behind when it comes to Social Media, technology and ministry. If that’s you, here areĀ 4 quick tips to get you startedĀ on the right track:

1. Jump in Somewhere

You may be facing decision paralysis. Which Social Media platform do I start with? Facebook? Twitter? Linkedin? YouTube? My suggestion would be Facebook but that’s up to you. I remember when I bought my first laptop computer years ago. I kept going by the store and talking to the salesman. I told him I was afraid to buy because as soon as I did something new would come out. He said, “It will. But you have to get started somewhere!” I bought that day.

2. Watch Others

Whatever platform you chose start watching people you want to emulate and how they enteract on the platform. I used to do this when I was a young preacher. I would listen to someone else preach and pick out some things he did well that I wanted to incorporate into my ministry and notice things he didn’t do well and make a mental note not to copy that aspect. You can do the same in the digital world. Learn from those who have been doing it a while and who are good at it.

We love to tell our congregations they need to change, but we don’t like it!

3. Google It

There is so much free advice out there if you get hung up on how to do something then use google. You’ll be surprised at the answers you can find when you learn to phrase a question correctly to find an answer.

4. Ask Me

I’d be glad to help. You can Twitter or Facebook message me or email me. All of those buttons are on my home page at the top of my blog.

I look forward to hearing from you when you jump on the Digital Express!



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