Facebook can help Your Church do Ministry

Facebook has the capacity to help a church staff, a pastor, a SS teacher, a youth leader, etc do ministry.


Simple. Facebook is a community where people share things about themselves. We live in  a day where people will often post needs on Facebook before they call anyone else. They will announce the emergency, accident, doctor news, hospital stay, marriage problem on their Facebook status before they call the church  Рif they ever call the church!

It puts pressure on the church to keep up with what’s going on.

Here are 3 ways to do ministry on Facebook:

1. Scan Members

If you put all of your members in a list (and you should) spend 15 minutes a day looking at their status updates. You might discover something you didn’t know. It doesn’t take long – even if you have hundreds. Don’t get caught up reading every status and looking at every picture – just scan and make notes.

2. Scan Unchurched

Keep the unchurched people you are friends with in a list and give them a quick look. You might find an outreach opportunity. It may be a visit you could make – a phone call – or simply a wall post.

3. Search keywords

As a back up feature go to the search bar and search keywords like: pray, prayer, hospital, accident, marriage, etc. You might find something you missed and have the opportunity to do ministry.

Facebook is an awesome tool we have been given to help us do the work of ministry. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Pastor: Have you found some other ways to do ministry through Facebook? Share below…
Church Member: Have you experienced Facebook ministry from a church or would you be open to it? Leave your story below….
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