How Often Should a Church Tweet?

One of the great things about Twitter is it is a constant stream of information. One of the bad things about Twitter is it is a constant steam of information …. It doesn’t stop.

When you use Twitter to make church announcements realize that Twitter appears chronologically. When I sign into Twitter I see the most recent tweets. Rarely, actually never, do I have time to look at every tweet I miss. Therefore, it is important to get your announcement out more than once.

Here are a few guidelines to help:

1. Tweet the same announcement at least 4 times a day.

People work and live in different “shifts” so try and accommodate them. I suggest sending one in early morning, one late morning, one midafternoon, and one after 9:00 PM. You’ll catch most that way.

2. Reword it every time.

Twitter doesn’t like for you to send the exact same tweet twice so mix it up a little.

3. Include a link.

When you have an announcement that you can build a Web page about always include the link to that page.

4. Start early and build intensity.

Start the announcements a good ways out with a few tweets and build frequency as you get close to the date.

Twitter can be a great advertising tool for your church of you use it consistently and well.



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