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A recent study suggested that young professionals value access to their smartphone and Facebook more than money.

The findings come thanks to Cisco’s second annual Connected World Technology Report, a study released today that says attracting and maintaining Millennial talent takes more than the number of zeroes attached to a weekly paycheck. The company surveyed 1,400 college students aged 18 to 23 and 1,400 young professionals under the age of 30 across 14 countries. HR and IT managers take note: “The growing use of the Internet and mobile devices in the workplace is creating a significant impact on job decisions, hiring and work-life balance,” the report concluded. “The ability to use social media, mobile devices, and the Internet more freely in the workplace is strong enough to influence job choice, sometimes more than salary.”

Millennial’s want more than money – they want access to their network.

How does this effect your church?

It means that using, and encouraging the use of, these tools means a lot to a younger generation. Instead of bemoaning the use of mobile devices and social media a church should encourage their use. 

Connect with people where they are and they are on their phone and Facebook!

 Connect with people where they are and they are on their phone and Facebook!

  • Encourage them to read their bibles on their mobile device, iPhone and iPad
  • Post snippets from the sermon on Facebook
  • Explore mobile giving
  • Give something away for the person who takes the best sermon notes on their phone and emails them in
  • Use texting for contacting parents with children or preschoolers in extended care

….the list could go on and on!

Take a moment and rate how friendly your church and church service is to mobile devices and Social Media. You might improve your outreach to Millennials by doing so!

And, leave your suggestions below….





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