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Recently Mashable posted an article on how church’s use Social Media. One of the interesting statistics on the infograph was that churches reported Social Media as their #1 outreach and communication tool. That feels like a misleading statistic. The confusing part is that it ranked ahead of “knocking on doors”.

Now, if Social Media is your #1 communication tool that makes perfect sense. Between Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter you can communicate your message and reach a high percentage of the congregation. Social Media has supplanted the traditional means of church communication – the weekly bulletin, stage announcement, mail, etc.

However, Social Media cannot replace a church’s outreach efforts. Very few churches are using Social Media and seeing people come to Christ. Social Media can compliment the message but it cannot be the church’s sole method of delivery.

Use Social Media to communicate. Use Social Media to do Outreach. However, add it to the arsenal – do not let it replace the arsenal.



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