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I was recently reading an article from Margaret Feinberg about the church and social media. When asked about the biggest mistake churches make with Social Media she responded:

I think the biggest stumbling block is simply buying into the myth that engaging in social media is somehow optional for the church today. It’s a requirement. I have friends who I can call repeatedly without response, but when I message them on Facebook I receive a response in less than three minutes. The way people engage in conversations, commit to attend a gathering, and share their lives is changing — and the church must be at the forefront.

The Church must be at the forefront!

The church cannot afford to drop the ball on Social Media. Too many lives, souls, depend on it.

Think about all you can do in the arena of Social Media:

  • engage believers and members
  • engage unbelievers in the community
  • get your message out via video
  • get your message out via print
  • discover ministry needs
  • Share the gospel
  • encourage the saints
  • organize small groups for effective communication
  • communicate with over 80% of your church body instantly
  • ask questions
  • get opinions

…and that list is so much longer! Any church would have paid such a high price to be able to do that 10, 20, or 30 years ago – and today it costs nearly nothing!! You would have hired a staff member to do what you can do through social media today!

Pastor – church, you can’t afford to drop the ball on this!

Lives depend on it.

Souls depend on it.


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