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How much do you have going on at Christmas this year at your church? If you are like most churches, your calendar is full of activities for the church, choir, kids, and students. Instead of doing business as normal this year, why don’t you use Social Media and enhance what you already have on your calendar?

Here are a few quick ideas that I hope will inspire others:

1. Video interview the Family your church or Sunday School class is helping

If your church or class is going to help a family(ies) at Christmas why not interview them and post it on YouTube / Facebook /Twitter? If it is a dad who has lost his job and the family cannot afford Christmas how powerful would it be to let him tell his story to the camera? How much more support might you get? If they are leery of the camera, interview them for a Facebook note or for your church blog. If your church is helping kids at a local school with Christmas interview the principal and let her tell the stories. Stories make a huge impact when told first hand.

2. Interview the cast of the Children’s Play

Put 3 or 4 of the cast from the Children’s play in a room with a camera and interview them 20/20 style. Let them tell about learning their lines, practice, etc. It will no doubt be a great watch that the church, family, and community would even enjoy. When you are finished, post it on all your Social Media outlets.

3. Interview the Minister of Music and choir members about the Christmas musical.

Do the same as in #2 and let them talk about what the songs mean to them – how their lives have been touched or impacted by the words and the story of Christmas.

4. Post Snippets of the musical or play

If you can find video online of the play or the songs you will sing in the musical post those everywhere to give people a sneak preview. Don’t post 45 minutes worth, but post 3-6 minutes here and there. Create excitement about the event by giving them a little taste of what’s to come.

5. Keep your Holiday schedule flowing

All churches adjust their schedules around the Christmas season. Keep yours posted and reposted on a regular and consistent basis. You can’t tell them too many times what the changes are.

Those are just a few ideas to get you thinking.

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  1. John Jason Davis November 29, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    As always, I am so thankful with your ideas that can be shared with others. I hope you continue to grow in wisdom and continue to share for the betterment of all who are blessed to read your posts about Social Media.

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