Can the Church Reach Everyone on the Planet with Social Media? – Church | Social Media

Recently I ran across this quote on the web about Twitter:

We think we can reach every person on the planet.”
–Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog

Imagine that – a social media company has the desire to reach every person on the planet. Twitter wants to get their message out to every nation, tribe, language and people group in the world. They want every person to be able to enjoy the bliss of sharing their lives and thoughts 140 characters at a time. They want everyone to be able to connect with each other and enjoy the community that comes from sharing.


Doesn’t that sound a lot like the mission of the church?

It seems as if we ought to have more drive, determination, and energy to get our Message out to the world than Twitter does. However, nothing says we can’t go along on their ride. Twitter is one of the tools the church could use to get the message of hte gospel out to their community and to the world.

  • Does your church utilize hashtags?
  • Have you tried to get a local topic trending?
  • Have yo used Twitter to search for ministry and evangelism opportunities in your area?

The ideas are limitless but do not wait to get started. Start somewhere now….today…this week.

Maybe YOU can’t reach everyone in THE world, but you can get the message to everyone in YOUR world!

Mom Spending too much time on Facebook? (Video) – Church | Social Media

A few days ago I wrote about mothers on Facebook. Here’s a humorous video that says maybe they should spend a little less time there….


Your Mom is (Probably) on Facebook – Church | Social Media

eMarketer just recently released a study that estimates 23 million US moms are on Facebook – or a whopping 2/3’s of US moms!! That comes as no secret to anyone who has been on Facebook for a while – moms use Social Media to stay in touch with their children and to “check out” all that is going on in the lives of the friends of their children. However, what we didn’t know is just the sheer volume of mothers on Facebook.

eMarketer estimates 23 million US moms are on Facebook this year—a figure that counts women with children under 18 in the household who use the site at least once each month. That represents well over two-thirds of all online moms in the country. Overall, eMarketer estimates that just 57.1% of internet users (including children) use Facebook monthly.

What is the significance for the church? The significance is that you now have the ability to reach out to at least 2/3’s of the moms in your local community!

The significance is that you now have the ability to reach out to at least 2/3’s of the moms in your local community!

Your church should be using Social Media, and specifically Facebook, to find a way to witness, minister to, and add value to the lives of mothers. Mom’s want you to help them with the home, shopping, their children, organization, balancing life, and a host of other things the church can speak to. Why not start a ministry just to mothers and use Facebook to do all of the advertising and promotion of that ministry? You would probably be an instant hit in your community!

What are some ways you can think of that a church could use Facebook to reach out to mothers?

Leave your comments below.

Use Social Media to enhance your Church Holiday Experience – Church | Social Media

How much do you have going on at Christmas this year at your church? If you are like most churches, your calendar is full of activities for the church, choir, kids, and students. Instead of doing business as normal this year, why don’t you use Social Media and enhance what you already have on your calendar?

Here are a few quick ideas that I hope will inspire others:

1. Video interview the Family your church or Sunday School class is helping

If your church or class is going to help a family(ies) at Christmas why not interview them and post it on YouTube / Facebook /Twitter? If it is a dad who has lost his job and the family cannot afford Christmas how powerful would it be to let him tell his story to the camera? How much more support might you get? If they are leery of the camera, interview them for a Facebook note or for your church blog. If your church is helping kids at a local school with Christmas interview the principal and let her tell the stories. Stories make a huge impact when told first hand.

2. Interview the cast of the Children’s Play

Put 3 or 4 of the cast from the Children’s play in a room with a camera and interview them 20/20 style. Let them tell about learning their lines, practice, etc. It will no doubt be a great watch that the church, family, and community would even enjoy. When you are finished, post it on all your Social Media outlets.

3. Interview the Minister of Music and choir members about the Christmas musical.

Do the same as in #2 and let them talk about what the songs mean to them – how their lives have been touched or impacted by the words and the story of Christmas.

4. Post Snippets of the musical or play

If you can find video online of the play or the songs you will sing in the musical post those everywhere to give people a sneak preview. Don’t post 45 minutes worth, but post 3-6 minutes here and there. Create excitement about the event by giving them a little taste of what’s to come.

5. Keep your Holiday schedule flowing

All churches adjust their schedules around the Christmas season. Keep yours posted and reposted on a regular and consistent basis. You can’t tell them too many times what the changes are.

Those are just a few ideas to get you thinking.

Leave your ideas and comments below…





The Church cannot afford to Drop the Ball on this! – Church | Social Media

I was recently reading an article from Margaret Feinberg about the church and social media. When asked about the biggest mistake churches make with Social Media she responded:

I think the biggest stumbling block is simply buying into the myth that engaging in social media is somehow optional for the church today. It’s a requirement. I have friends who I can call repeatedly without response, but when I message them on Facebook I receive a response in less than three minutes. The way people engage in conversations, commit to attend a gathering, and share their lives is changing — and the church must be at the forefront.

The Church must be at the forefront!

The church cannot afford to drop the ball on Social Media. Too many lives, souls, depend on it.

Think about all you can do in the arena of Social Media:

  • engage believers and members
  • engage unbelievers in the community
  • get your message out via video
  • get your message out via print
  • discover ministry needs
  • Share the gospel
  • encourage the saints
  • organize small groups for effective communication
  • communicate with over 80% of your church body instantly
  • ask questions
  • get opinions

…and that list is so much longer! Any church would have paid such a high price to be able to do that 10, 20, or 30 years ago – and today it costs nearly nothing!! You would have hired a staff member to do what you can do through social media today!

Pastor – church, you can’t afford to drop the ball on this!

Lives depend on it.

Souls depend on it.


To find out how Acts18Media can help you accomplish all these goals and more for less than 1/120th the price of a staff member check these out:

Social Media Outreach and Ministry Lite

Social Media Outreach and Ministry Full

4 Ways your Church can use Twitter – Church | Social Media

Twitter is slowly starting to catch on. With 100 million active users people are beginning to force their way through the learning curve and use it consistently as a communication tool.

But, where does that leave churches? If a church has a Twitter account how should it be used to communicate with those inside and outside the church? Is it a tool the church can use? YES!!

Here are 4 easy ways to get your church started with Twitter (and there are many more):

1. Hashtag your Sermon

That’s right – break your sermon down into small chunks and tweet it out throughout Sunday with your church’s Twitter handle. It will not only get important parts of your sermon out to those who didn’t hear it, but it will serve as a reminder to those who did! Be sure and leave enough spaces so that people can re-tweet it as well. Take about 6 key statements from your #AMsermon and share them all day on Sunday.

2. Make Announcements

Use Twitter to make timely church announcements just like you would on Facebook. Be sure and include links where applicable and urge your members to re-tweet to their lists.

3. Engage the Community

Use Twitter to engage your community. The great thing about Twitter is that it allows your church to connect with people you might not otherwise have a connection with. Follow and engage as many people as possible. Keep a look out on your timeline for ministry opportunities and ways you can connect.

4. Brag

Yep, brag. Brag on church members and the work they do for the church. Brag on the church missions project, community service, etc. Find ways to appreciate people on Twitter and you will be shocked at how much more engaging your church’s Twitter list becomes.

Twitter can be used effectively from a church account. Sign your church up today and get started.


I would love to hear your comments below. Use Facebook or leave a standard comment.

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Your Facebook Wall – Dealing with the Dirt

I’m a fairly upbeat and positive guy. I don’t like a lot of negative talk and I don’t like hanging out with folks who whine, complain, and in general have bad attitudes. It probably has to do with all the Zig Ziglar books I read early on in my life and the things I heard him say over and over. One of the best quotes by Zig is,

“We all need a daily check up from the neck up to avoid stinkin ‘thinkin’ which ultimately leads to hardening of the attitudes.”

I don’t want ‘stinkin thinkin’ friends – even if they are on Facebook. And, to be honest, there is a lot of stinkin thinking, posting, commenting, and talking going on with Facebook – and sometimes it will bleed over to your profile wall.

Here is what you need to know about your Facebook wall – IT IS YOUR FACEBOOK WALL!! It is your personal property – you own it.

You do not have to allow anything to go on your wall you don’t want on your wall.

I take great pangs to keep my wall cleaned up and presentable. I view my wall like my living room – when people come to my home I want their first impression of my home to be a good one – because my home is an extension of me. My wife keeps the whole house clean all the time – but the Living room and foyer are never allowed to get cluttered because it is the first thing people see when they come over.

When people look for you on Social Media the first thing most of them see is your Facebook wall – so don’t leave dirt / clutter on your wall. I’m going to give you permission to do what needs to be done – clean up your wall and deal with the dirt.

Here are three things you now have permission to do:

1. Delete any negative post on your wall

Don’t sit around debating on whether or not you should delete the negative or hurtful comment that was made about you, someone else, or something else. It may be in the form of a post or comment on a post – DELETE IT! Do not worry if it is going to hurt someone’s feelings – they obviously didn’t consider that when they posted it on your wall. If you feel you must acknowledge your deletion then send them your reasoning in a private message. It it is stinkin’ thinkin’ and if you don’t like it then get rid of it.

2. Unfriend someone if necessary

This is the “capital punishment” of Facebook right? You have told someone they are not your friend. How could you? I just gave you permission to do it – blame it on me! If there is someone on your friend list that you are constantly having to delete their dirt from your wall then just end it with 1 click.

3. Get the goats and teddy bears out of your living room

I’m on Facebook for church, ministry, and relationship reasons. I’m not on Facebook for Mafia Wars, Teddy Bears, Farms, etc. I don’t need a goat, grenade, machine gun, or a barn – so don’t post it on my wall. I try my best to keep all of that off my wall because I don’t want that to be what people see when they visit.

There you go – you have permission to Deal with the Dirt on your Facebook wall.

What are some of the things you would consider “dirt” on your wall – leave your Facebook comments below.

And, if you Facebook “Like” this post below it will show up on your wall and your friends might get the hint! 🙂








Millionaires and Social Media

Do you know what the Social Media of choice is for Millionaires? LinkedIn? Twitter? Google +? MySpace (just kidding)?

According to the Wall Street Journal the answer is ……. Facebook!

Millionaires chose Facebook over Twitter and LinkedIn – and I was surprised. For a while Facebook has had the reputation of being the Social Media of choice for:

  • middle schoolers
  • nosy Moms
  • Grandmothers

…but not so fast my friend!!

A new study shows that 46% of online users with investable assets of $1 million or more are members of Facebook, up from 26% a year ago.

It seems that people of means prefer Facebook for networking as well!

What does that mean to the church. It means we cannot dismiss Facebook as a tool for kids and grandmothers. Often those with means live in communities that are difficult to access – private, gated, expansive, guards, etc. So how do you get in their homes? Facebook may be the key. Your church should have a strong presence on Facebook and should be using it to promote your ministry and share the gospel!

After all, Millionaires need Jesus too! Don’t believe me …CLICK HERE.

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3 Reasons your Church needs a Facebook page








Every church ought to have a Facebook page. If your church doesn’t go here to find out how to get one started. A Facebook page is an essential tool to helping you reach your Jerusalem and for keeping your members informed of what’s going on. If you need convincing, here are 3 reasons to have the Facebook page:


1. Announce Events

The page is a great way to keep members and non-members informed of what’s going on at your church. Instead of just making your announcements on Sundays you can now make your announcements more frequently and more timely than ever before. How much better is it to announce your event the day before than 5 or 6 days before? How much better is it to announce it 3 times vs 1 time? Use a Facebook page to supplement the promotion of events at church.


2. Build Reputation

One of the great things a page does is let you connect with non-members, the lost, the unchurched, etc. If you get them to “like” your page they will see your announcements and promotions in their home feed and will know a lot about your church even though they may never have been. They can see the things you do for families, youth, children, etc before they attend. You can use the page to build the reputation of your church and reach out to people you would never have the opportunity to otherwise.


3. Interact

When you start posting on your page people will start commenting and asking questions. It is a great way for you to have interaction with people you might not otherwise have interaction with. You will get to add value to the lives of people you might not otherwise get the opportunity to. When you see a comment or a question don’t view it as a nuisance but view it as an opportunity to interact.


If you don’t have a Facebook page for your church … go start one now and you’ll start reaping the benefits almost immediately!


Facebook can help Your Church do Ministry

Facebook has the capacity to help a church staff, a pastor, a SS teacher, a youth leader, etc do ministry.


Simple. Facebook is a community where people share things about themselves. We live in  a day where people will often post needs on Facebook before they call anyone else. They will announce the emergency, accident, doctor news, hospital stay, marriage problem on their Facebook status before they call the church  – if they ever call the church!

It puts pressure on the church to keep up with what’s going on.

Here are 3 ways to do ministry on Facebook:

1. Scan Members

If you put all of your members in a list (and you should) spend 15 minutes a day looking at their status updates. You might discover something you didn’t know. It doesn’t take long – even if you have hundreds. Don’t get caught up reading every status and looking at every picture – just scan and make notes.

2. Scan Unchurched

Keep the unchurched people you are friends with in a list and give them a quick look. You might find an outreach opportunity. It may be a visit you could make – a phone call – or simply a wall post.

3. Search keywords

As a back up feature go to the search bar and search keywords like: pray, prayer, hospital, accident, marriage, etc. You might find something you missed and have the opportunity to do ministry.

Facebook is an awesome tool we have been given to help us do the work of ministry. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Pastor: Have you found some other ways to do ministry through Facebook? Share below…
Church Member: Have you experienced Facebook ministry from a church or would you be open to it? Leave your story below….
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